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Italian Deli Menu

Deli Meats

  • Krakus Ham

    Krakus Ham

    This authentic Polish-style ham is actually crafted in Poland and cured naturally with recipes and ingredients that have been passed down for generations. Krakus Ham is perfect for deli sandwiches,

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  • Mastro Mortadella

    Mastro Mortadella

    Mastro is famous for its Mortadella, a type of big Italian sausage made of heat-cured pork and cubes of pork fat. It resembles salami and is flavored with various spices or other ingredients. Thin

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  • Mastro Capocollo

    Mastro Capocollo

    This line of hams and specialty meats honors Italian tradition to the fullest. Mastro uses choice pork cuts, cooked in their own juices, and spiced to perfection. Slice up some of this Capocollo fo

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  • Soppressata


    Mastro soppressata is a dry-cured, mild pork salami. It has a firm texture and is seasoned with exotic spices for an ethnic touch. Cut in semi-thick slices for a great addition to your antipasto pl

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  • Coppa


    Coppa (or Capocollo in Italian) is made from whole pork shoulder or neck that has been dry-cured. Similar to cured ham or prosciutto, coppa’s salty hint goes well with cantaloupe, arugula, beets

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  • Homemade Beef & Gravy

    Homemade Beef & Gravy

    We use only the finest meats and spices for our homemade beef and gravy. Premium beef is sliced just right and smothered in our flavorful gravy.

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Deli Cheese

  • Slicing Provolone

    Slicing Provolone

    This Sorrento provolone is perfect for slicing, ideal for sandwiches, an antipasto plate or a unique addition to your favorite pizza. The semi-hard cow’s milk cheese is high in fat and rich in fl

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  • Mozzarella


    Sorrento mozzarella is a must-have if you’re in the mood for homemade pizza or lasagna. The company crafts authentic Italian cheeses rooted in tradition, and its mozzarella is no different. It wo

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  • Asiago


    Stella Asiago is a cow’s milk cheese, slightly sweater and nuttier than Parmesan. Light in color and bold in flavor, this cheese is great for slicing or melting. Add some to your favorite pasta o

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  • Gorgonzola


    Gorgonzola is a Italian blue cheese made with unskimmed cow’s milk. Firm yet crumbly in texture, Gorgonzola has a somewhat salty, bitter taste. This cheese is perfect for topping salads or mixing

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  • Provolone Imported

    Provolone Imported

    Slice up some of this fresh, important provolone and see how versatile it can be. It pairs well with a variety of breads and deli meats. Provolone Dolce has aged for 2 to 3 months, while Provolone

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  • Pecorino Romano

    Pecorino Romano

    Pecorina Romano resembles Parmesan in the sense that it’s hard and often used for grating. It is made of sheep’s milk, lamb rennet paste and has a salty taste. If you’re looking for something

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  • Fresh Mozzarella Cheese

    Fresh Mozzarella Cheese

    Fresh mozzarella is a unique cheese with characteristics distinct from its traditional counterpart. White in color and milky in flavor, pair this Italian tradition with tomatoes and basil for a del

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Deli Relish

  • Eggplant Caponata

    Eggplant Caponata

    Our made-in-house eggplant caponata is made with fresh eggplant – chopped, fried and seasoned to perfection. Enjoy this Sicilian tradition by itself, on crackers or even tossed over plain noodles

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  • Artichoke Salad

    Artichoke Salad

    Our delicious artichoke salad is made with tasty hearts of artichokes, black pepper, lemon juice and a handful of other traditional ingredients. Spoon this onto freshly sliced bread or toss a few h

    Price: $0.00

  • Olive Salad

    Olive Salad

    Our fresh olive salad is made with black and green olives, and a host of other ingredients that will add flavor to any pasta. It can also be used a stand-alone side salad to your Sicilian or Medite

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  • Roasted Red Peppers

    Roasted Red Peppers

    Roasted red peppers are an antipasto plate staple. Made with fresh peppers and high-quality olive oil, our delicious recipe also makes them perfect on a salami and cheese deli sandwich.

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  • Fried Green Peppers

    Fried Green Peppers

    Our fried green peppers taste as good as they sound. Eat them as finger food paired with a creamy dipping sauce, or toss them with a salad to add some flavor.

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  • Pepper Shooters

    Pepper Shooters

    Pepper shooters are an Italian classic, and ours are no exception. Stuffed with the perfect combination of flavors, they make for the perfect finger food.

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  • Kalamata Olives

    Kalamata Olives

    Kalamata olives are a large, black variety of olive with a meaty texture. This Grecian food is often pressed and made into table olive oil, but  is packed with brine, wine vinegar and olive oil if

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  • Bruschetta


    Bruschetta is healthy and versatile, making it the perfect summer grab-n-go food. Ours is made with fresh tomatoes, chopped basil and premium olive oil. Spoon it on top of bread, mix in a little fr

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  • Grilled Eggplant

    Grilled Eggplant

    Sliced Eggplant that is grilled and seasoned with salt, garlic and basil in oil.

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